Japanese Civilization Institute

Japanese Civilization Institute 14th Symposium

Thinking about Japan after 2021

We have a goal in 2020 with the Olympics and the Paralympics, but what will come after that? Let us talk about our visions on the new coming era, after Heisei.
Media artist Yoichi Ochiai and our director of Japanese Civilization Institute, Naoki Inose will discuss this theme thoroughly.

Symposium Speaker

Yoichi Ochiai (Media Artist, Pixie Dust Technologies Inc. CEO, Associate Professor and Advisor to the President at University of Tsukuba)

Date: 5th December (Wednesday), 2018
7 p.m.-9p.m.(doors scheduled to open at 6:30 p.m.)
Venue: Japan University of Economics, Tokyo Shibuya Campus Hall
(the hall seats apporoximately 100 people)


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