Japanese Civilization Institute

Japanese Civilization Institute 13th Symposium

Making full use of the ve senses — What is traditional Japanese scent and sound?

As human beings, the last stronghold against artificial intelligence would probably be our 5 senses. However, in the modern world, we have come to lose our 5 senses. Our life used to be filled with scent and sound.
Kodo (traditional incense-smelling ceremony) which Shino Soshin first established in the Muromachi Era (1336-1573) in Kyoto has passed down its tradition, without breaking off once. On this occasion, we will have Hachiya Souhitsu, young Soshu who carries on the tradition of Shino School of Kodo, lecture us on Kodo with actual demonstrations.
They say, incense is something that you listen to. How did the Gion Shoja bells of “The Tale of the Heiko” sound like? Crystal ball player Ms. Asami Ishizuka will give a performance, while we immerse ourselves in ancient sounds and monko (listening to the incense).

Symposium Speaker

Hachiya Ittshiken Souhitsu (21st successor and head of Shino School of Kodo)

Asami Ishizuka, Crystalist Asami (Representative director of the Crystal Bowl Academy Japan Foundation and CEO of Crystal Bowl Academy Japan.)

Date: 28th August (Tuesday), 2018
7 p.m.-9p.m.(doors scheduled to open at 6:30 p.m.)
Venue: Japan University of Economics, Tokyo Shibuya Campus Hall
(the hall seats apporoximately 100 people)


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