Japanese Civilization Institute

Japanese Civilization Institute 10th Symposium

Where should Japan go from here? - Abenomics and reforming strategies beyond that

The Liberal Democratic Party won big in the most recent the general elections. Yet it is time that we look beyond Abenomics and think of what else we can do from here.
How can Japan recover as a nation? First, we must learn to separate the macro and the micro, and re-examine the present situation in that light. What kind of possibilities are to be found in regional revitalization? We will have Japan Civilization Institute’s tenth symposium welcome Shigeru Ishiba, author of “Nihon Reetto Sousei-ron” ( Japan Island Construction Concept) and Kazuhiko Toyama, author of “Naze Rokaru Keizai-kara Nihon-wa Yobigaerunoka?” (Why Japan will Recover, Beginning from its Local Economies), who has participated in numerous business revitalizations. Join our tenth symposium to talk about regional revitalization, and administration strategies for the future.

Symposium Speaker

Shigeru Ishiba (Liberal Democratic Party, House of Representatives member)

Kazuhiko Toyama (Industrial Growth Platform Inc., CEO)

Date: 29th November, 2017
7 p.m.-9 p.m.(doors scheduled to open at 6:30 p.m.)
Venue: Japan University of Economics, Tokyo Shibuya Campus Hall
(the hall seats apporoximately 100 people)


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