Japanese Civilization Institute

Japanese Civilization Institute 9th Symposium

Realism and the Nation-state What should Japan believe in, when a new world order in transition?

In the United States, President Trump is leading his nation with the slogan “America First,” while in Europe the United Kingdom is in the process of leaving the EU. It seems the world order is collapsing, with the basic framework of the nation-state crumbling in the face of globalization and rising nationalism. Here in Asia, the threat of North Korea’s ICBM development incites growing anxiety, while Prime Minister’s Abe’s strong and committed political base—long regarded as impregnable—is starting to sway. Prime Minister Abe is making an all-out effort to revise Japan’s Constitution before the end of his political career, but is this really possible? With the great upset scored by the new Tokyo Metropolis Residents First party in the recent Tokyo Assembly elections, can the Liberal Democratic Party reinvent itself to allay the peoples’ distrust of its motives?
Japan Civilization Institutes ninth symposium welcomes Soichiro Tahara, who served as a panelist for our very first symposium entitled “The characteristics of Japanese civilization 70 years after World War Two,” together with Lully Miura, an energetic scholar of international politics, and Naoki Inose. the director of Japanese Civilization Institute. Japanese Civilization Institute is now entering its third year, and we are grateful for your support.

Symposium Speaker

Soichiro Tahara (Journalist)

Lully Miura (Scholar of international politics. Lecturer of Tokyo University’s Policy Alternatives, Research Institute (PARI))

Date: 21st August, 2017
7 p.m.-9 p.m.(doors scheduled to open at 6:30 p.m.)
Venue: Japan University of Economics, Tokyo Shibuya Campus Hall
(the hall seats apporoximately 100 people)


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