Japanese Civilization Institute

Japanese Civilization Institute 2016 6th Symposium

“What is the Imperial Family to the Japanese people?”
—revolving around the issue of Emperor Akihito expressing his desire to abdicate

The video message of Emperor Akihito expressing his desire to abdicate, created a huge impact on the Japanese people. Foreign media also gave high attention to the news, providing flash reports with comments on the Emperor’s feelings as well as issues on the Imperial Household Law. At the basis of Japanese consciousness, lies a respect toward the Emperor and the Imperial Family—which has continued throughout history—as a central figure of its nation and race. Our symposium validates this unbroken line of Emperors from various angles, and looks at how it might continue in the future, taking into consideration the issues regarding Imperial succession and the relationship between Japanese citizens and the Imperial Family.

Panel discussion:

Ikuhiko Hata (Japanese historian and Doctor of Law)

Shinji Yamashita (Journalist specializing in Imperial Household, a former member of the Imperial Household Agency)

Tsuneyasu Takeda (Author and adjunct lecturer at Kogakkan University)

Date: November 28th 2016
7 p.m.-9 p.m.(doors scheduled to open at 6:30 p.m.)
Venue: Japan University of Economics, Tokyo Shibuya Campus Hall
(the hall seats apporoximately 100 people)


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